Kizer - Fluid IV - White

Fluid Frames are definitely the most popular product from Kizer. Classic aggressive inline frame with proven, one-piece construction that is no match to anything else as far as durability is considered. Material used with Fluid production is super hard, resisting any wear-down for a long time. Fluids  slide well even on the surfaces that usually sticks with other frames like sticky metal copings, square rails etc.

To make the frame even stronger and more practical, the Kizer designers removed the rockerings – right now they are incorporated into the frame itself. No more noisy clacking or wheel heating! What’s more Fluids offer the best axles protection out there – the bolts are hidden deep in the sides of the frame!

Fluid frames are designed to perform best with Anti-rocker setups.

WARNING! These frames are intended ONLY for AntiRocker setup - two large outer wheels and 2 x grindhweels inside. It is not possible to mount 4 wheels of the same size.

Size table

SizeSize SSize MSize L
Shell size38-4041-4445-48


  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

Developing frames since 1998 including the first after market UFS frame, Kizer has been the innovator in the world of frame technology. By constantly experimenting with new materials, new shapes and new ideas, Kizer is known for unbeatable range of products.