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Fluid V are the newest addition to Kizer frame family. Intended for aggressive skating, designed particularly for the flat setups (four wheels of the same size in a one frame) which are quite popular nowadays. Kizer brand is the leading frame manufacturer in the aggressive market and have been offering us great quality products for over two decades. Kizer products are always created according to current trends and needs of rollerbladers. The Fluid frames have been accompanying us for quite some time now and each version introduced various modifications. The fifth edition of Fluid frames are the biggest change yet.

First four editions of Fluid frames were strictly antirocker frames (two bigger outer wheels and two smaller inner wheels that facilities grinding). With time, more and more skaters picked up skating with eight wheels. Therefore, the essential innovation is the change of its main purpose.

Kizer Fluid V frames are the modern solution for aggressive skating with eight wheels down. Huge split between the middle wheels (around 11.6 CM), very shallow and small groove and so called ‘wheel cups’. ‘Wheel cups’ are simply extra material around the H-block area, protecting the middle wheels from any contact with a rail or a ledge. In practice, it means very low chance for ‘wheel bite’ while grinding.

The maximum wheel size that can be used with Kizer Fluid V frames is 61 mm. Although if you are just starting your adventure with flat skating, we recommend smaller diameter (55 mm — 58 mm) to make it even easier and more forgiving.

Kizer Fluid V frames are made of proven combination of Nylon PA 66 and glass-fiber. Very distinctive mix, which has its die-hard followers. Considered as the hardest frame material on the market, Kizer Fluids have a tag of the most durable frames out there. It translates to much faster grinding experience on all kind of obstacles. It can be especially felt at the skateparks which are usually filled with a lot of aluminium rails and square angled ledges that softer frames can have a problem with. With Fluid frames we can completely forget about this issue. The rigidity and hardness of Kizer frames allow more noticeable control over your grind tricks.

Additional superiority of harder material is also an improved energy transfer just while skating around. Kizer Fluid V frames will not bend at all under our weight and it is very noticeable since the very first push. We will immediately feel that we can roll faster and maintain the speed much easier. Rigidity combined with great quality hardware really makes a difference. When using Kizer Fluid frames your skates will be always ‘quiet’ and lose axles problem can be gone for good. The axles are also well hidden inside, so there are no worries about scratching them while performing tricks.

Fluid V frames are available in two different lengths. Small size with 245 mm and large size with 268 mm. It is recommended to pick up the size accordingly to your skate shell size. The total height of the frame is only 3.1 CM. Again, low profile frames makes grinds much easier while the low centre of gravity will help with stable landings.

Kizer brand sets the great standard again– Kizer Fluid V are extra ordinary product with great features. Amazing value for money, makes it one of the most interesting if not the best choice for anybody who is looking to start skate flat for the first time. You will not spend tons of money and thanks to its unique features the learning curve of skating aggressively with eight wheels can be really exciting!



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Shell Size38-4243-47


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Developing frames since 1998 including the first after market UFS frame, Kizer has been the innovator in the world of frame technology. By constantly experimenting with new materials, new shapes and new ideas, Kizer is known for unbeatable range of products.