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Since the late 90s, the Kizer brand has been one of the main manufacturers of aggressive inline skating frames on the market. Drawing on the vast experience and technological background of parent company Powerslide, it has continually innovated in the industry, often setting new trends. The Kizer Shift Unlimited is a completely new take on the theme of fully customizable aggressive inline skating frames, allowing them to be instantly repurposed according to the user's preferences. The kit includes one pair of frames, a set of hardware and four, different H-blocks.

Kizer Shift Unlimited — for whom?

The original concept of the Kizer Shift Unlimited offers the user the option to adapt the wheel setup to a specific situation. So if you want a quick and easy way to try out the most popular settings found in aggressive inline skating (such as flat, antirocker or freestyle), the Kizer Shift Unlimited set-up seems like a very apt choice. It will be a great alternative for those who don't necessarily have the time and resources to buy three different frame setups in order to find the golden mean for themselves.

How do you change the features of the Kizer Shift Unlimited frame?

The frame set includes four, significantly different interchangeable H-Blocks:

  • a composite H-Block for a flat setup for streeet skating
  • aluminium H-Block for flat setups to use at a skatepark or in a bowl
  • composite H-Block for anti-rocker setups, to favour the use of internal grind wheels (between 45 mm and 49 mm)
  • composite freestyle H-Block with the largest grindable surface area

To replace the H-block, simply unscrew the axles from the centre wheels and the main, central H-block bolt — thanks to the use of single-sided axels, only one standard Allen is required for assembly.

Configurations of the Kizer Shift Unlimited

An additional feature of the Kizer Shift Unlimited frame is the option to adjust the height position of the wheels (by 2 mm in the up-down direction) using dedicated bearings bosses. This gives you further setup options for each available H-Block in the kit:

Flat setup:

  • Bearing bosses rockered UP — Max 4x 55 mm maximum
  • Bearing bosses rockered DOWN — Max 4x60 mm wheels
  • Hilo (rockered UP outside, rockered DOWN inside) — 60 mm outside, 55 mm inside


  • Bearing bosses rockered UP — Max 65 mm wheels
  • Bearing bosses rockered DOWN — Max 68 mm wheels

Antirocker/Freestyle with a recess in soulplates

  • Bearing bosses rockered UP — Max 68 mm wheels
  • Bearing bosses rockered DOWN — Max 76 mm wheels

Kizer Shift Unlimited — worth knowing!

The Kizer Shift Unlimited frames are available in three different lengths:

  • S = 250 mm
  • M = 260 mm
  • L = 270 mm

The Kizer Shift Unlimited frame comes in two variants: carbon and fibreglass.

  • The white Kizer Shift Unlimited frames are crafted from nylon, reinforced with glass fibre, presenting a lighter and more economically friendly option. This selection would be particularly apt for skatepark enthusiasts who perhaps don’t subject their gear to rigorous use.
  • Conversely, for those engaging in more challenging street sessions, opting for the black version, constructed with carbon, is advised. This choice delivers notable durability, especially perceptible during ledge grinds.

The total weight of the Kizer Shift Unlimited skeleton is only 180g.

The mounting screws, as well as the bearing bosses for adjusting the position of the wheels, are compatible with other Kizer products such as the Kizer Suspension frames and Kizer Soulframes.


Size table

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Developing frames since 1998 including the first after market UFS frame, Kizer has been the innovator in the world of frame technology. By constantly experimenting with new materials, new shapes and new ideas, Kizer is known for unbeatable range of products.