Oysius Medium - Bubblegum Pink

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While adhering to the same performance design principles as the original Oysi Inline Skating Chassis, we’ve packaged a similar skating experience into a more compact form to complement smaller boot sizes.

The Oysi Medium Chassis 65 is designed to ride flat using a combination of 65mm outer and 58mm inner wheels and is available in either 257mm or 269mm wheelbase lengths, both providing the same thoughtfully contoured groove centered between a 127mm middle wheel split.

Effective use of the space beneath your feet yields an uncompromised groove, responsive control, and low profile.

Featuring a 5.7mm lower ride height and 4.2mm reduction in groove height, the Oysi Medium Chassis65 is designed to hug your soul.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA. (Sold in Pairs.)

Please review our Quick Reference Rocker Table and utilize our Rocker Calculator to help with determining your wheel selection.

Fitment of 63mm through 68mm wheels on the outer axlesRequires Modification of the Soul Plate to create a clear recess above the chassis mounting plane. 

Please note that the inner sidewall spacers usually require a press fit. Demonstration of how to do this using common tools is provided here – How to Press Fit Spacers


Size table

outer Wheel Diameter (MM)Rocker (MM)68 mm 67 mm 66 mm65 mm64 mm63 mm62 mm
Inner Wheel Diameter (MM)Banana Sundea (1.50)605958
Inner Wheel Diameter (MM)Banana Split (1.00)60595857
Inner Wheel Diameter (MM)Rock`rd Roll (0.50)6059585756
Inner Wheel Diameter (MM)FLAT (0.00)605958575655
Inner Wheel Diameter (MM)More Flat (-0.50)60595857565554
Inner Wheel Diameter (MM)As Flat as it Gets (-1.00)595857565554



The Oysius is an inline skating chassis that utilizes the full space available under your foot to hug your soul, providing an uncompromised grinding area and unmatched rolling enjoyment. See Oysius.com for all specs, wheels set up options, and technical info. 

Onc size fits all. Available in black or white. Axels and UFS frame bolts included.