Seba - Street UFS Frame - White

  • Nils Jansons

The frame is made of very sturdy material and comes with aluminum rockerspacers, what guarantees a long lifespan. The axle heads are angular and inserted in the frame. Thus, you only need one tool to open the axle and change the wheels. Due to the recessed SEBA lettering friction is drastically reduced while grinding, which leads to a very fast grinding experience. The frame has an optimized groove and due to its rockering option it can take wheels up to a size of max. 64mm.

Length (measured from center of the first axle to the middle of the fourth axle):

  • Small (recommended for skates EU 36-40) = 250mm
  • Medium (recommended for skates EU 41-43 ) = 260mm
  • Large ( recommended for skates EU 44-47 ) = 270mm


Size table

SizeSize SSize MSize L
Shell size38-4041-4445-48


  • Nils Jansons

Seba Company was established in 2005, by French Slalom Hero, Sebastien

SEBA skates has immediately brought Technical Skating innovations to the
marketplace, and simultaneously spent a lot in energy, time, and money to
develop skating and its community.

Nowadays, the Seba  company is already a Big player of the Inline Skating
industry and is pushing even harder to promote many different disciplines and
having Incredible products.