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Them Street frames are classic, low profile frame designed for aggressive skating. Created as a result of collaboration between kyle Sola and Jon Julio, are the integral part of complete Them skate setups yet also offered as independent, after market product.

Made of injection-molded nylon filled with glass fiber, Them Street frames provide symmetrical design and much improved rigidity. Using the extra supporting 'bridges' separating each wheel, we get enhanced energy transfer, granting a noticeably greater speed.

Distinctive shape of Them Street frames is skilful combination of profiled side walls and wide yet shallow royal groove. The width of the groove allows stress free grinding in flat setups, but it will work perfectly with any anti rocker setting too. To keep the characteristic, the lowest possible centre of gravity Them Street frame can accommodate flat setup with wheels of maximum size 58 mm. However, if our skates have a properly adapted soul plate, then in the case of anti rocker setup, the outer wheels can also be 60 mm in size.

The thickness of lower part of the side wall is almost doubled to improve durability and facilitate cess slide oriented tricks. In addition, the side wall has a small recess through entire length that significantly lowers the friction during doing grinds. Low friction will definitely make grinds longer and more smooth.

Them Street frames can be easily mounted thanks to easy access to UFS bolts. Taking out middle wheels is not necessary when we need to change the frame, while the custom-made steel axles, with asymmetric head only needs one tool to tighten or loosen. Very practical solution that can be a blessing if you are changing your frame setup constantly.

Offered in several colours and two base lengths: 250 mm and 270 mm. The split between the middle wheels is 110 mm while the overall height is only 45 mm.


Size table

SizeSize SSize L
Shell Size38-4243-47

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Them skates is the brand of the "father" of aggressive skates - Jon Julio. Founded in 2018, the brand sets the industry standards in terms of equipment, marketing and meeting the constantly changing needs of aggressive skaters.