Ennui Elite - Grey

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

The ENNUI Elite helmet is the perfect companion when you’re going big and pushing your limits whether you’re into inline skating or any other action sport. With the ENNUI Elite Blue helmet, there is no need to compromise, it’s lightweight, low volume, comfortable, and incredibly protective. While most helmets on the market are made of EPS foam injected in molds or separate parts and then glued together with an ABS or PVC shell.

The ENNUI Elite helmet is completely different.  It took almost three years to develop, but ENNUI developed a process known as  “over-injected honeycomb skeleton”. The innovative EPS honeycomb skeleton is then over-injected with PVC. The skeleton is not only strong, but it’s also lightweight and low volume which eliminates bulkiness while still being safe and comfortable. Have confidence when you’re pushing your limits and give the ENNUI Elite Blue Helmet a try which complies with the European safety standard for bicycle helmets.





ENNUI is a new concept of protective gear specifically designed for urban sports, and all non motorized wheeled sports. As skaters our aim is to create protective gear that we would wear ourselves, gear that keeps us safe and protects our bodies against all sorts of injuries while at the same time being unobtrusive, comfortable and looking good while wearing them on the streets.