Mesmer Bottle Opener

  • Hedonskate Caps

Introducing the ultimate best buddy - Mesmer bottle opener! Designed with skaters in mind, this opener can pop as many bottles open as you can drink.

Crafted from high-quality steel materials, Mesmer laser printed logos on both sides and the all-famous key ring to carry it all...


As skaters, we wanted to create a brand that focused on the wants and needs of our community. Our goal was simple: Produce high quality skate products, put out great content with an amazing team and help to contribute to the growth of our culture.

When creating the original business model for the brand, it was really important for everyone involved to make sure the skaters on the team were properly compensated. We take pride in being able to offer some of the highest royalty payments in our industry to our pro riders, and will always continue to find ways to take care of our team, and the greater community. Mesmer Skates is for skaters first.