FR X Intuition UFR Liner - White

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FR X Intuition UFR precise liners for inline skates

Enhanced FR X Intuition UFR liner with a new tongue shape. A precise, low-volume lliner that provides proper ankle support and the durability known from Intuition products. Previously offered only in complete sets with aggressive inline FR skate models, they are now available separately.

Difference between FR X Intuition UFR and Intuition Skate Premium

The FR X Intuition UFR liners are very similar in design to the dedicated Intuition liners found in Themskates 909 skates. The distinctive features of the Intuition UFR model are primarily:

  • Smaller volume tongue with a new shape — A thinner tongue may allow for a more direct transfer of energy from the legs to the skates, which is especially important when performing more technical tricks.
  • Collar supporting the ankle is permanently attached — slightly thinner than the removable Velcro version in the Skate Premium and V.2 versions. This reduces the overall volume of the liner, favouring the option of downsizing.
  • Smaller volume toe box (toe area) — the tip of the liner is significantly smaller, facilitating fitting into narrower shells of small sizes.
Other features of the FR X Intuition UFR skate liners
  • 10 available sizes — The most important difference compared to V2 is the number of sizes. While the older model is available in six sizes, Premium has as many as ten. This makes it much easier for you to find the best fit for your feet.
  • Silicone applications located on the heel and sole — Thanks to them, the liner "locks" in plastic shells and prevents the heel from lifting (along with the liner).
  • Patented high-density foams — what makes Intuition liners so unique and leading in winter sports, water sports, and of course, inline skating. Not only do they provide a high level of comfort, but they also excellently transfer movements, making control over the skates almost as good as in skates with integrated padding.
  • Possibility of Downsizing — The liner is really thin, which in many cases allows for downsizing the shell. The liner naturally conforms to the foot under the influence of body heat, no need for thermoforming.
  • Independent lacing — Independent lacing also allows for easy adjustment of compression force, allowing for quick adaptation to different needs and preferences.
  • Velcro-mounted shock absorber — better shock absorption and reduction of impact forces acting on the feet while skating. Thanks to the possibility of removal, users can adjust the level of cushioning, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Strong and comfortable carrying handle — allows for easy and comfortable carrying of the skates. Additionally, hanging the liners by the handles in a ventilated place speeds up their drying and improves ventilation.
FR X Intuition UFR — worth knowing!

Due to the characteristics of the foams used in the production of the Intuition liner, many people complained about the smell it acquired after a few sessions. These are definitely indoor shoes that are best aired out thoroughly after each session, and many people decide to buy a ski boot dryer. Intuition, being aware of this, decided to treat the lining with an antibacterial agent, minimizing the problem of unpleasant odours.

FR X Intuition UFR liners can now be found in complete sets of skates such as UFR Antony Pottier Pro and Bacethem 909.


Size table

Size EU35-3637-3839-4040,5-41,542-4343,5-44,545-4647-48
Size US35789101113
Mondopoint [CM]21-2223-2425-2626,5-2727,5-2828,5-2929,5-30,531-32


FR is a skater owned brand with the philosophy to create high-quality products made by skaters, for skaters. The original concept was born in Paris, France back in 2006 by Sebastien Laffargue and Gregoire Pinto, who had a vision of what skates should be - high performance hardshell boots providing comfort, versatility and durability.

With all of these elements combined, extreme attention to details and a little bit of French style, the FR boot was born and it has grown to become a worldwide success. Now is the time for the FR to become its own brand and keeping in line with its roots, these boots will guide you along the way of your skating journey. FR will continue to push the limits of skating and create new standards within our industry.