Powerslide MyFit Prime Liner - Bulletproof

  • Nils Jansons

The Myfir Prime Bulletproof liner is Powerslide's answer to the ever-changing demands of skaters. The main idea behind the Myfit Prime series is the desire to create a lightweight skate liner with a more compact design and noticeably improved responsiveness.

Its unusual name “Bulletproof” comes from the special material — Armortec with Kevlar from Dupont — used on the outside, which protects the insole from all kinds of damage and abuse.

Myfit Prime Bulletproof liners — for whom?

Offering unprecedented resistance to any abrasion or breakage, Myfit Prime Bulletproof liners will be a great solution for all advanced skaters who are geared towards heavy use of their equipment. Maybe you have several pairs of rollerblades with different purposes, but still want to use one liner you love? Or do you often use liners to walk a short distance towards a parked car, for example? In that case, the Kevlar-reinforced Myfit Bulletproof liner is definitely up to the task!

Features of the Myfit Prime Bulletproof liner

  • Significantly lower and thinner tongue — the main change compared to previous editions of the Prime liners is the revised shape and properties of the tongue, which adapts perfectly to the front part of the leg, i.e. the shin. This tongue, which is more flexible and a tad wider, combined with the independent lacing system, provides excellent control over ankle movements inside the skate.
  • Optional PU collar for extra stiffness and support. If the range of movement back and forth is too great, it is possible to adjust the space inside the boot in the cuff area using a Velcro-mounted stiffening collar. This collar, like the liner, is equipped with separate loops so that the upper part of the liner can be further tightened. This avoids the need to wrap the skate cuffs with additional laces, a popular solution used by skaters.
  • Increased lateral support — the Armortec outer material used, stiffens the upper part of the liner, which will retain its anatomical fit (even when the optional collar is removed).
  • Well-ventilated — our feet will always remain fresh and dry, thanks to an optimal ventilation system. A dozen dedicated side openings allow air to flow freely.
  • Thicker material in the toe area — extra comfort for the toes when performing tricks like “toe press” or even regular manuals on the front wheels.
  • Removable MyFit Shock Absorber — useful when landing from great heights and raising the position of our heel, a silicone insert that can be removed according to personal preference if we need more space inside the shell.

The Prime liner is Myfit's flagship product

The Myfit Prime Bulletproof model is one of the more interesting products in the brand's extensive range, meeting all the requirements of today's trends while also coming at an attractive price. It is characterized by the possibility of a complete thermal fit, as well as being equipped with functional silicone applications that ensure its stability inside the shell.


Size table

EU 35 / 3637 / 3839 / 4041 / 4243 / 4445 / 46
UK1 / 23 / 45 / 6 6,5 / 78 / 9 10 / 11
US2 / 34 / 56 / 77,5 / 89 / 1011 / 12
CM225 / 230237 / 24425 / 25,726,4 / 27,127,8 / 28,529,1 / 29,8



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