Impala Protective Set - Black

  • Nils Jansons

Impala Skates brand constantly adds new products into their catalogue. This time, it is all about protective gear and once again, they show the rest of industry how it should be done in terms of marketing and style.

Impala Skates protective sets are made for women (like a whole brand, to be honest) who fell in love with current comeback to 90’s style. These are what one would expect from pads released back in the day – durable hardcaps with comfortable lining. The quality is superb and we can say that among tri-pack available on the market, Impala’s are one of the most interesting options out there if you are after a full protection set.

Of course, pads are available in black – this goes well with everything, after all – but Impala sells different colours, too. Vibrant, pastel colours will make you stand out from the crowd of skaters.

What about gear itself? Strong, offering great level of protection, well fitting thanks to wide velcro straps and comfortable because of Lycra lining. Furthermore, they are shaped to fit women’s anatomy as good as possible. Is there anything else you can ask for?