Dead Shockabsorbers - Orange (x2)

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

Dead Shock Absorbers are exclusive, lightweight inline skate inserts that help reduce pressure and vibration while skating and performing tricks. Made from heat-resistant EUDE foam, the Dead's 6 mm-thick inserts easily absorb any shock. The thickness of the insole is carefully matched to the dimensions of the skate boot to ensure maximum comfort and protection for our feet. As a result, the insole will not significantly raise the heel inside the shell, which is especially important for inline skate designs without a completely flat shell.

Shock-reducing insoles are particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time skating or do so very intensively. These insoles are also used to prevent foot and ankle injuries, providing a relief from the impact of drops. The Dead Shock Absorbers insoles are very easy to install, plus feature a Velcro system to keep them in place. Easy to clean (can be cleaned with soapy water). Available in two sizes.



Dead wheels are poured with premium-quality urethane, molded with our proprietary multi-radius profile, over a robust glass-filled nylon core.

We developed our unique multi-radius profile to provide a natural feeling of fluidity while rolling and turning. our riders agree that 58mm is the ideal size for all around street and park skating. Without sacrificing durability and lifespan, 58mm wheels keep you close to the ground and stay out of the way while grinding.

Team riders: David Sizemore, Alex Broskow, Soichiro Kanashima, Gavin Drumm, Marius Gaile.