Gawds Franky Morales IV

  • Nils Jansons

Gawds offers a wide range of products for aggressive skating, including wheels, bearings, clothing, various accessories, and most importantly, high-quality skates. Focusing on innovation and the development of new technologies to improve performance, Gawds products are gaining increasing popularity among the entire roller skating community. The main face of the brand is, of course, the unique Franky Morales, considered an icon of style and a legend of street skating.

When designing his pro skates, Franky was often inspired by Nike shoes. Over the last decade, each skate signed with his name was a visual reference to the popular Air Jordan Trainer Prime or Jordan Spizike sneakers. For the 2023 season Gawds is therefore presenting the fourth edition of Franky Morales skates, which to the great satisfaction of fans again resembles the well-known sports shoes.

Gawds Franky Morales 4 skates are still a hybrid construction. A combination of a hard, composite shell and a flexible material lining. Although they do not offer heat moulding options, the FM4 model's characteristic is the fully integrated liner. Directly connected to the reinforced fibreglass shell it provides ideal fit for the foot and increased responsiveness. Comparing the current FM4 skate model with the original version by USD (from 2012), we can immediately notice a complete departure from the plastic buckle solution. The upper closure of the cuff and the strap that maintains the ankle in the correct position at a 45-degree angle is now replaced with durable and flexible Velcro. As a result, the FM4 models resemble traditional shoes even more while increasing the range of forward flex. Also, lack of two plastic straps and their receivers noticeably reduces the total weight.

The minimalist cuff with numerous slits and a profiled V-cut is a comfortable and safe support for the feet. It's worth mentioning that the Gawds FM4 cuffs are available in three different sizes to better harmonize with a specific shell size.

The Gawds FM4 skates are equipped with an impressive size of soul plate, which thanks to its universal shape can easily be adapted to flat base shell models from other manufacturers (Iqon or Usd). Mounted with UFS screws only, however, they have optional holes for additional hardware, allowing for extra reinforcement and improved energy transfer.

The Gawds FM4 models are sold with sturdy Kizer Fluid IV frames. Lightweight but incredibly durable frame with a maximum low centre of gravity for the optimal balance. Just Like the FM4 cuffs, they are offered in three different lengths for individual preferences. The Kizer Fluid IV frames are designed strictly for skating in an anti-rocker setup.

The frame set comes with proven Gawds wheels with a diameter of 60 mm and a hardness of 88a for good grip on smooth skatepark surfaces, as well as fast Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. The 45 mm middle wheels will make it easier to perform all grinds, and they also make use of standard bearings, so our skates will not be as loud when skating on uneven surfaces.

FM4 is another cult model skate from the Gawds brand. Fans of Franky probably won't need to be convinced more, and if you haven't had contact with them before and are looking for a slightly lower, lightweight skates with a unique look then we definitely recommend them!


Size table

Size [EU]3940414243444546
Length [Cm]24,525262727,5282929,5


Gawds was created by Franky Morales - the icon of style. Wheels are manufactured in USA on the proven formula of Undercover wheels.

The brand is represented by: Franky Morlaes, Paul John, Micheal Prado & Martina Svobodova.