Mesmer Throne Dominic Bruce Junior - Green

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Mesmer Pro Dominic Bruce Junior skates are popular models designed for aggressive skating, dedicated to all juiced youngsters who want to actively support the Mesmer brand or also for kids who are no longer satisfied with children's inline skates equipped with an adjustable size range. Providing the EU 35–37 shell, Mesmer Pro Dominic Bruce Junior are simply shrunk version of real skate model for adults, and what goes with it, offering all necessary features needed for street skating or skate park training.

Based on modified boot of cult USD Classic Throne, offering the very compact and ergonomic shape. Made of Pebax material, the mix of polyether and polyamide, commonly used in production of high-end sport equipment. Light, durable, characterized by a great flex and at the same time resistant to low temperatures and fully retaining its shape even after prolonged use.

Sufficient comfort will be provided by the new version of the Myfit Mesmer liner, which this time uses a slightly thinner tongue for greater fitting freedom. The Myfit Mesmer liner, however, still offers all the well-liked features of the original, such as a seamless design, a thick layer of internal, heatmoudable foam or a microfibre lining that makes it easier to put them on and off. Combination of a plastic buckle in matching colour and strong, waxed laces is simple yet very effective lacing system for optimal tightening.

One piece, perfectly adjusted soul kit is again decorated with original graphics, mounted with additional 4 screws for better energy transfer. Silicon insert between the boot and the soul plate have become a standard feature and of course is included here. Thanks to it, our landings will always be quiet, and the shell itself will be firmly fixed on the soul plate.

The signature Dominic Bruce model comes stock as a very beginner friendly flat setup. Having four wheels in one frame means more stability and foremost much higher agility — important factors when taking the first steps on aggressive skates. Competently selected hardness of the outer and inner wheels will facilitate first grinding ledges attempts. Mounted on, quite popular nowadays Kizer Fluid V frame, made of sturdy material, that will significantly improve your tricks on aluminium elements of the skate park and provide stiffness unprecedented in other composite solutions of the competition.

Size table

Mesmer Junior Skate
Size [EU]35-37
Size [UK]3-4,5
Size [US M]4-5,5
Size [US W]5-6,5
Mondopoint [MM]222-235


As skaters, we wanted to create a brand that focused on the wants and needs of our community. Our goal was simple: Produce high quality skate products, put out great content with an amazing team and help to contribute to the growth of our culture.

When creating the original business model for the brand, it was really important for everyone involved to make sure the skaters on the team were properly compensated. We take pride in being able to offer some of the highest royalty payments in our industry to our pro riders, and will always continue to find ways to take care of our team, and the greater community. Mesmer Skates is for skaters first.