Razors Genesys LE - Black

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The Razors Genesys LE - Black is awfully full-featured, packed with a re-designed Razors liner, Featherlite 3 frames from Ground Control and 57mm/92A wheels.

It comes with exchangeable soul frames and backslide plates which protect the boot and can be easily replaced when worn. The groove of the backslide plate is perfectly aligned with the frame making locking on a snap and no breaking-in necessary. It powers the skate to benchmarks typically seen in skates with a much higher price tag — and to an exceptional skating performance.

Size table

CM24,525,525,82626,5 2727,52828,52930



Coming from sunny California, Razors is a producer of the most wanted skates on the market. Comfort, style, universality and innovative solutions are the main features of Razors skates, which are used everyday by such skaters like Jeph Howard, Derek Henderson, Kiril Galushko and Alex Burston.