Them 909 Clarks - Blue

  • Nils Jansons

The Clarks brand is a well known endeavour primarily recognized for the production of footwear. Comfortable, natural, referring to the classic style, but with a hint of nonchalance. These are the shoes of the Clarks brand, born a long time ago in Great Britain, at a time when solid shoes were an expensive commodity and not everyone could afford them.

The models of this brand have their hallmarks and it is difficult to confuse them with something else — light shoes with a thin sole have remained a footwear icon since their debut. Currently, Clarks products are a guarantee of comfort and high quality, and interesting models, both the latest and those that have already been hailed as classic, gaining constant popularity.

What is the connection between prestigious and recognized Clarks brand and the leading manufacturer of aggressive skates Themskates? Well, the common factor here is the mutual desire to promote rollerblading to a wider audience with a completely different approach. Both brands, known for their diligence and attention to detail, present a limited edition of Themskates 909 skates, available as an aggressive and urban variant, which accompanies the premiere of the Clarks Wallabee shoes of corresponding blue colour.

A slim, ergonomic shell with a slightly raised heel. The 909 model will be slightly longer and wider than the original shell of the 908, so if we did not fit into a specific size in the 908, there is a good chance that in the 909 it will be possible. Updated shell material. Harder and stronger to provide extra support and longer life.

The new Them 909 cuffs with the adjustable position option additionally help in adjusting the skates to your own needs (High position - more support, useful for setups with large wheels or Low position - better flex, typically for aggressive skating). The 2022 version of Themskates cuffs also features unique Themskates buckles with a reduced weight and an engraved logo - a cosmetic, but very stylish accessory.

One of the most frequently mentioned disadvantages of the first Themskates models was the relatively small Soulplate and poor quality hardware, which made it quite difficult to replace. Both of these problems have now been completely eliminated. From now on, all 909 models will be equipped with an improved version of the soulplate 3.0. The width of the soulplate in the heel area has been significantly increased, which will be of great help to beginner skaters. In addition, the so-called "Bridge Hardware" has been introduced in the soulplate mount, thanks to which we can easily unscrew / replace them if necessary.

A successive change is also the fourth version (V4) of Them liner. The heel position has been shifted a bit "back" for greater stiffness. Wider tongue with more padding for shell filling and even more comfort. Additional reinforcement in the cuff area and a neoprene, stretchable finish - in combination with the new shape of the shell, our fingers will not be as squeezed as in the 908 models.

To complete the whole, Them 909 skates are offered with Them Street frames - also designed by Kyle Sol. Frames made of injection-molded nylon filled with glass fiber. Shallow and small groove are great for both flat and anti-rocker setups. Screws with an asymmetric "head" - tightening requires only one Alan key. The maximum wheel size in the flat setting is 58mm, but thanks to the special sole cut-outs, with the anti-rocker setting, we can use sizes up to 60mm.

Themskates 58mm wheels of universal 90a hardness can be recommended for any type of surface - good grip on smooth, concrete skateparks and a long life during more rough street skating.

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  • Nils Jansons

Them skates is the brand of the "father" of aggressive skates - Jon Julio. Founded in 2018, the brand sets the industry standards in terms of equipment, marketing and meeting the constantly changing needs of aggressive skaters.