Them 909 Summer 2021 - Black/Grey

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Based on the THEM 909, aggressive skates with composite shell. The standard width of the shell provides a universal fit to each type of foot, which, combined with the adjustable position of the cuff, additionally helps in adjusting the skates to your own needs.

Them 909 Summer 2021 model is also the premiere of the fourth version of the THEM liner - this time without the characteristic collar, but with a neoprene (stretchable) finish around the toes. Another new feature is the wider tongue with much thicker padding.

Soulplate version 2.0 with the so-called "Bridge Hardware" thanks to which we can easily unscrew / replace the soulplate if necessary.

Complete with THEM Street frames designed by Kyle Sola. Frames are made of injection-molded nylon filled with glass fiber. Shallow and small groove works great for FLAT and Anti Rocker setups. Screws with an asymmetric "head" - tightening requires only one alan key. The maximum size of the wheels in the FLAT setting is 58mm.

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Them skates is the brand of the "father" of aggressive skates - Jon Julio. Founded in 2018, the brand sets the industry standards in terms of equipment, marketing and meeting the constantly changing needs of aggressive skaters.