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Thanks to USD, even the youngest can start their adventure with aggressive inline skating. The USD Glitch Junior skates are a children's model with adjustable size, designed for street and skatepark sessions, from a well-known and respected brand. These colourful skates come with many features often found in adult models for aggressive inline skating.

USD Glitch skates — clever design and adjustable size option

Made from durable yet appropriately flexible materials, they significantly accelerate the learning of new tricks, providing maximum comfort and safety. The two-part shell, allowing for easy size adjustment, classifies the USD Glitch as a “hard-boot”, meaning a hard, durable boot with a rigid base.

  • Size adjustment involves pressing a button on the side of the shell and then sliding the front part of the shell to the required length. The USD Glitch skates are available in two size ranges: EU 31-34 and EU 35-38.
  • The skate's chassis is a Kizer frame integrated with a soulplate, enabling grinds on ledges or rails. This combination of frame and soulplate in a single piece is especially important for younger users, as it significantly lowers the centre of gravity and eliminates the need for additional hardware. This significantly impacts the skate's low weight, offering optimal responsiveness and control over performed manoeuvres. .
  • The movable cuff with good protection of the main buckle — a spot particularly vulnerable to damage during initial trick learning — is additionally protected by a special protrusion. Even under strong loads, the buckle remains securely closed.
  • Two flexible, replaceable Velcro straps. The first provides standard ankle position security at a 45-degree angle, while the second around the toes offers additional stabilization, especially useful when extending the skate to its maximum length.
  • Four wheels in one frame are an excellent choice for beginners. The flat setup, with four wheels of the same size on one skate, helps in learning smooth movement on skates. The additional speed and agility will give children immense enjoyment. After mastering the basics, the middle wheels can be replaced with dedicated grind wheels for easier trick learning.

USD Glitch — worth knowing!

The length of the frame and the size of the wheels are appropriately matched to the size of each shell. Skates in the size range EU 31-34 have frames with a base length of 215 mm and 58 mm wheels. In contrast, the EU 35-38 size range features frames 245 mm long with 61 mm wheels.

The groove for tricks, a dedicated central spot in the frame for grinds, replicates the groove from the popular Kizer Fluid V frames. It allows for a wider spacing of the middle wheels, further protecting them from wheel bite.

The skates are intended for users weighing up to 60 kg

With the USD Glitch inline skates, you can be sure that your child will enjoy perfectly fitted, high-quality skates for aggressive skating for many seasons. Equipped with USD wheels and WICKED bearings, these skates offer top-class components, ensuring smooth and fast ride that will undoubtedly bring joy to young skaters.

Size table

Size 1EU 31-34
Size 2EU 35-38


Universal Skate Design established in 1998, have been the leading aggressive skate manufacture since day one. Being the very first strictly aggressive oriented brand, USD have been providing wide range of products that revolutionize the market. The latest flagship product of USD - AEON skates is the answer for the constantly changing needs of
aggressive skaters.