Usd Latimer Xsjado - Black Grey

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

The USD Xsjado Dustin Latimer aggressive skate is the final model in the Legends series, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Universal Skate Design brand. Structurally corresponding to the first Xsjado edition of 2004, and in colour paying homage to Dustin's favourite model, the USD Classic Throne. The USD Xsjado Dustin Latimer is thus a refresh of the classic designs that have inspired generations of skaters, as well as an original idea of aggressive skates based on an open skeleton together with dedicated footwrap. The set includes one pair of complete skates and footwraps, replacing the traditional liners.

USD Latimer Xsjado skates - for whom?

The organic construction, favouring anatomical ankle positioning and range of movement, is definitely a nod to die-hard fans of the Xsjado brand, i.e. skaters who prefer cuffs without toggle bolts, allowing the ankle more freedom to move in any direction while providing optimum support. Xsjado cuffs are quite flexible at the top, but firmer and more rooted towards the base.

Noticeably larger soulplate surface area - if you've ever complained about the size of your soulplates, the USD Latimer Xsjado inline skates will certainly solve this problem. The impressive surface area of the positive side, as well as the negative side, will enable longer grinds on any type of obstacle. The basis of the skate is a combination of a rigid baseplate and interchangeable soulplates, available in a variety of colours.

Acting as a liner, the so-called footwraps can be used as standard footwear. This eliminates the need to carry an extra pair of shoes with you. So if you frequently change places to skate or don't like to take off your inline skate to drive, this could prove to be the ideal solution!

Freedom and flexibility

The USD Latimer Xsjado will offer a completely new experience than standard aggressive inline skates. The noticeably reduced weight makes it easier to perform tricks and the comfort of the user, thanks to the specific footwear and the open skeleton, frees your feet from any pressure points.

The return of freestyle frames

USD Latimer Xsjado are offered complete with Kizer Type X frames. Kizer Type X frames are a specialised solution for aggressive inline skating commonly referred to as a freestyle setup, allowing you to ride with just two wheels. Lightweight but incredibly durable, this frame with maximum grind area will be an apt choice for all lovers of performing tricks not only on curbes or rails. Complete with USD 58 mm wheels, 90 a hardness with a flat profile and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings.

USD Latimer Xsjado inline skates – worth to know!

Like the original Xsjado models, the USD Latimer Xsjado inline skates are essentially two shell size ranges and their corresponding components:

  • Size 1: M = EU 38-42, S frame with 233 mm base length, S sized cuffs
  • Size 2: L = EU 43-47, L frame with base length 255 mm, L sized cuffs

The total weight of the skate in Size 1 is just 1,700 g.

The innovative design approach of the Xsjado skates may still stir up extreme emotions - but regardless of personal feelings about their aesthetics, there is no denying that they are simply unique compared to other models. More natural, they respect first and foremost what is most important in a aggressive inline skate - the comfort of the user and their feet! We confidently recommend them to anyone who has been using inline skates with a standard design for years!


Size table

US (Men)677,5891010,5111212,5


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