Usd Sway Dominic Sagona - Black/White

  • Nils Jansons

Honouring Dominic Sagona, one of the most recognizable aggressive skaters from the beginning of 2000, the USD brand continues the idea of revised signature skates of its top team riders. Upgraded with up to date components, matching all current needs USD Sway Sagona Allstar offer a classic setup for aggressive skating, visually referring to USD's favourite best-sellers.

From the very beginning, Dominic Sagona distinguished himself with a characteristic way of just skating around, creative and dynamic footwork and an innovative approach to performing classic tricks for his time. It was Dominic Sagona who proved that “not grabbed” tricks can still look stylish, while his characteristic Abstract 540 spins can inspire even today. His signature rail trick Soyale has been imitated for years and of course no one can doubt in his huge contribution to the development of cess slide tricks.

USD Sway Sagona Allstar skates are based on the currently popular USD Sway model. A classic approach to the construction of aggressive skates, based on a durable, yet flexible, composite shell with a completely flat bottom. The shape of the shell and its impressive soul kit size are the most interesting properties of these skates. At the same time, these are the features that Dominic appreciates the most, seeing in the new USD Sway All-star the successor to his original USD UFS Throne pro models.

The streamlined look on the outside, yet quite spacious inside. Wider shell of USD Sway Sagona Allstar makes it a good choice for people with wider feet. Equipped with MYFIT 2nd Skin dual fit liners, they feel great from the very first moment you put them on thanks to our 3D anatomically shaped padding. Made out of a combination of various layers of high-end foams of different thicknesses and densities, offering the same great comfort and performance day after day. The toe box features a stretchable SBR material while the tongue is made of pre-shaped and moulded EVA foam. The liner provides full control, a super snug fit. Lace loops on the liner give two options — to lace just the liner or to connect the shell and liner to further improve the heel lock.

As some of us may remember, Dominic Sagona was a supporter of lower cuffs, which as a result prompted the USD brand to produce the first versions with a V-cut. This solution is naturally still present in USD Sway Sagona Allstar, helping to increase the forward flex. Strong top straps with metal buckle for added durability. The buckle strap can be hidden in a special slot located in the cuff.

Just like the previous pro Chris Farmer model of USD Sway, the Sagona skate is now updated with the second edition of Sway soul plate. A bit slimmer, with lower side walls and the front part perfectly overlapping the tip of the shell. The contact space between the soul plate and a rail or a ledge is optimally profiled and corresponds to the entire skate shape.

USD Sway Sagona Allstar skates are sold with hard Kizer Fluid IV frames. Light, but incredibly durable frame with an extremely low centre of gravity for optimal balance, offered in three different lengths. The Kizer Fluid IV frames are designed for Anti-Rocker skating.
Completed with proven USD wheels of 60 mm diameter and fast rolling Wicked ABEC 9 bearings.


Size table

EU 35 / 3637 / 3839 / 4041 / 4243 / 4445 / 46
UK1 / 23 / 45 / 6 6,5 / 78 / 9 10 / 11
US2 / 34 / 56 / 77,5 / 89 / 1011 / 12
CM225 / 230237 / 24425 / 25,726,4 / 27,127,8 / 28,529,1 / 29,8


Universal Skate Design established in 1998, have been the leading aggressive skate manufacture since day one. Being the very first strictly aggressive oriented brand, USD have been providing wide range of products that revolutionize the market. The latest flagship product of USD - AEON skates is the answer for the constantly changing needs of
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