Mesmer Throne Soulplate Dominic Bruce - Olive

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

The distinctive feature of Mesmer brand offer is definitely the option of getting each component part separately. As a result we can build our pair of Mesmer skates from scratch, without the need of getting the full complete set. So if we are not feeling the thickly padded Mesmer liners or Kizer Fluid V frames that comes with the original package, we can customize it according to our needs.

Mesmer Throne Soulplate is a dream come true to every USD Classic Throne fan. Such a unique shell shape finally gets full matching, one-piece soul kit. The common problem with the gap between the sole and the heel plate in old Classic Thrones is now gone, making any royale-based tricks far more fun! The Mesmer Throne soulplate is mounted to the shell with four screws and rivets, which are of course included in the set.

Rubber insert, covering the whole interior surface of the soul kit gives unmatched shock absorption and greatly improves the visual aspect. The bottom of the soulplate is covered with the drawings of Chase Rushing himself!

Size table

Soulplate sizeSize 1Size 2Size 3Size 4
Shell size38-40 EU/4-6 UK/5-7 US41-42 EU/6,5-8 UK/7,5-9 US43-44 EU/8,5-9,5 UK/9,5-10,5 US45-47 EU/10-12 UK/11-13 US


As skaters, we wanted to create a brand that focused on the wants and needs of our community. Our goal was simple: Produce high quality skate products, put out great content with an amazing team and help to contribute to the growth of our culture.

When creating the original business model for the brand, it was really important for everyone involved to make sure the skaters on the team were properly compensated. We take pride in being able to offer some of the highest royalty payments in our industry to our pro riders, and will always continue to find ways to take care of our team, and the greater community. Mesmer Skates is for skaters first.