Remz Soulframe - White

  • Hedon Apparel Sweaters

The current version of replacable soulplates for Remz skates. True Balance version where the frame is mounted perfectly in the middle of the shell.

ATTENTION! Soulplate will not be compatible with older Remz models from before 2014.


Size table

Shell sizeEU-39 / EU-40EU-41 / EU-42EU-43/ EU-45EU-46 / EU-47


Remz is a leading brand in the Rolling industry. Its founder and owner is rolling pioneer Kato Mateu.

Since 1998 we have been designing and selling high-end rolling (in-line) boots for the hardcore bladers out there. Some of Remz most acclaimed inovations include its unique hard/soft boot design (freedom-of-feet concept), the customizable ankle support, the rear lacing/strap system, the neoprene liner, and the V-cut.