Hedonskate X Eryk Pilch Ilusion TS - White

Words by the designer Eryk Pilch:  

We perceive the world through the five senses that work by the rule of comparisons. We know something is warm because we are familiar with the cold; I know something is loud because we are familiar with the silence. While skating, I try not to compare myslef to anyone, which does not mean that I am not inspired by others. I watch the world closely, without judging it, and based on my own experiences, I try to create a unique style of skating.

When Chris Edwards did the first frontside on a hand rail, the world of inline skating opened up to new possibilities and the trick itself became a cult. Nowadays, the trick itself would not generate the same enthusiasm as it did then, because we are able to compare Chris's feat with the much more difficult tricks we have seen in recent years. It is thanks to comparisons that everyone sees the world differently, everyone has a different baggage of experiences that can be used to assess the reality.

It's easy to fall under the illusion that everyone sees the world the same way. By getting rid of hasty judgments and comparisons, we are able to see more things and see the world more colorful.


Size table

Width53 cm58 cm59 cm62 cm
Lenght63 cm64 cm 65 cm67 cm

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