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Hedonskate X Tomo Skatelife Blader TS - Black

  • Nils Jansons
Tomek Przybylik, in celebration of his 30th birthday, has created a new street part - "TOMO THIRTY". Its premiere will be accessible by scanning a QR code on a specially designed Rollerblader shirt, created by TOMO SKATELIFE in collaboration with Hedonskate. Additionally, in December, the "TOMO Invitational" event is scheduled at SkateinPark in Katowice to jointly celebrate this occasion. All proceeds from the shirt sales will be allocated to Tomek's future rollerblading projects!




Size table

Length 67 cm 69 cm 70 cm 71 cm
Width 48 cm 52 cm 55 cm 58 cm

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