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SPOKES by 5th Floor - Album + Wheels

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Dead Spokes x 5th Floor 58mm/92a - Green (x4)

  • Nils Jansons

It seems like Copenhagen become another great hub for rollerblading in Europe. With such pro skaters moving there like Scott Quinn and David Sizemore joining the ranks of already active local crew, the place seems to be the source of great rollerblading content. One of the latest project coming out from Copenhagen is Spokes.

Created as another collaboration with Dead Wheels, Spokes is 5th Floor crew video / photo album and limited edition wheel set created by David Sizemore. Documenting another undefined, aimless journey through the wonderful windy streets of Copenhagen with your friends Dominic Bruce, Kare Lindberg, David Sizemore, Christian Berg, Scott Quinn, Frederik Kofoed, Carl Benny Robert and many more.

Spokes wheel comes in dark green colour and a versatile 58 mm size of 92a hardness. According to Dead Wheels' designers, the 58 mm size is the optimum size for both street and skate park use. A versatile size whose small diameter ensures a low centre of gravity and therefore offering much easier grinds. At the same time, 58 mm is big enough to help with stability when skating over any bumps. The slightly rounded profile means an increased contact area with a surface, which also translates into improved durability.

The 92a hardness wheel is a widely-used and versatile option suitable for everyday use. It strikes a balance between grip and lower friction while grinding, making it suitable for both street skating and smooth skate park surfaces. It is an ideal choice for those who often skate in various locations or are unsure of their personal hardness preference. A popular use for Dead Wheels' 58 mm 92a is as an outer wheel in the traditional anti-rocker setup.



Dead wheels are poured with premium-quality urethane, molded with our proprietary multi-radius profile, over a robust glass-filled nylon core.

We developed our unique multi-radius profile to provide a natural feeling of fluidity while rolling and turning. our riders agree that 58mm is the ideal size for all around street and park skating. Without sacrificing durability and lifespan, 58mm wheels keep you close to the ground and stay out of the way while grinding.

Team riders: David Sizemore, Alex Broskow, Soichiro Kanashima, Gavin Drumm, Marius Gaile.