Famus Otto Bolanos 60mm/90a (x1)

  • Nils Jansons

A set of wheels with a diameter of 60mm and a metal core for increased energy transfer, which directly translates into the achieved speed. Mainly intended for skating on ramps and skateparks with perfectly smooth surfaces. Super fast and durable wheels for all those who love skating transitions and need a solid boost of speed.

Otto Bolaños (born April 12, 1983 in Bogota) is a Colombian professional vert skater. Bolanos started skating when he was thirteen years old in 1996 and turned professional in 2004. Bolanos has attended many competitions in his vert skating career. Known for his double backflips.




Famus Metal Core Wheels. Great to maintain speed and have proper energy transfer. All sizes 60/64/68/72/80 mm! Created by Toto Ghali.