Red Eye Jake Dotson 60mm/90a - Turquoise (x4)

Signature wheels of Jake Dotson, who gets a 60 mm diameter model in the Childhood series. Pastel colours, with a graphic theme relating to Jake's favourite film, Sandlot. A distinctive feature of the Red Eye Jake Dotson model is their unique shape. The Bullet profile, which is conducive to high speed, has been minimally “shaved” here, offering much better stability when landing gaps, for example. The Jake Dotson wheels will therefore still be quite grippy while maintaining good manoeuvrability.

The universal hardness of 90a will work well on the street as well as the smooth surfaces of skate parks. Red Eye wheels are made in the USA.


Red Eye Wheel Co is dedicated to being the standard of excellence in the industry by surrounding and supporting a professional team that is held to the highest regard in the sport. Our goal is to reinvest profits back into the team and our products allowing for growth of not only Red Eye Wheel Co, but the industry as a whole.

Our goal was to find a premium urethane and offer it at reasonable price to the consumers. We worked for months testing multiple compounds and decided on a brand new exclusive compound that met and exceeded our expectations with a great balance of speed, durability, grip, and shock absorption. We are proud to bring our first 5 wheels to market to cater to any set up in the aggressive market.