Red Eye Michael Witzemann 55mm/90a Blue (4)

  • Inferno Caps

A new member of the Red Eye team Michael Witzemann, the winner of the summer edition of Blading Cup 2022 and the newest addition to USD Pro team. The technical skater with a distinctive style prefers to skate in a flat setup, so the specs of his pro model include a small 55 mm size, a completely flat profile for better stability and a versatile 90a hardness for optimum grip in both the skate park and street.

Michael Witzemann's Red Eye wheels will be perfect for the classic flat setups with Create Originals, Entente or Kizer Fluid V frames. The small diameter will significantly reduce the risk of wheel bite during longer grinds.



Red Eye Wheel Co is dedicated to being the standard of excellence in the industry by surrounding and supporting a professional team that is held to the highest regard in the sport. Our goal is to reinvest profits back into the team and our products allowing for growth of not only Red Eye Wheel Co, but the industry as a whole.

Our goal was to find a premium urethane and offer it at reasonable price to the consumers. We worked for months testing multiple compounds and decided on a brand new exclusive compound that met and exceeded our expectations with a great balance of speed, durability, grip, and shock absorption. We are proud to bring our first 5 wheels to market to cater to any set up in the aggressive market.