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Undercover Antirocker 47mm/65D - White/Grey (x4)

  • Nils Jansons

Undercover Antirocker wheels are specialized for use in aggressive inline skating frames, significantly enhancing the comfort of performing tricks on rails and ledges. These wheels are only mounted as inner wheels, greatly aiding in proper frame alignment during grinds. Their distinctive, small diameter and high hardness eliminate any risk of wheel bite during smooth slides on obstacles.

Advantages of the anti-rocker setup:

  • Lightweight — An anti-rocker setup is noticeably lighter than a flat setup with eight standard-size wheels. If you're a skater for whom every gram counts, the anti-rocker setup won't significantly add to the overall weight of the skate.
  • More stable ride and landings — With only two outer wheels touching the surface, it's much easier to maintain a stable position. This is especially noticeable when approaching tricks backward (from fakie) or descending from larger sizes of banks, like foam pit jumps.
  • Optimal grinding experience — The anti-rocker setup completely frees the H-block of our frames from the issues related to wheel bite during tricks. At practically any angle, our frame will slide smoothly on any type of obstacle, including angled irons and thicker rails, presenting no challenge!

What does 65D hardness mean?

There are various hardness scales for measuring the hardness of different materials. The A hardness scale, familiar to most skaters, is used for polyurethane inline skating wheels in the 80-95A range, where a suitable mix of mechanical properties allows for absorbing impacts, withstanding pressure, and retaining shape.

The D hardness scale is commonly used for very hard plastics. Materials with a hardness above 65D are completely rigid and lack the elasticity found in the A scale. Harder materials have a higher level of wear resistance, which is ideal for use in 'grind wheels' for aggressive inline skates.

65D corresponds to a hardness of 101-103 A.

Undercover Antirocker wheels do not have a core!

Undercover Antirocker aggressive inline skating wheels are compatible with the standard 608 bearing size, and their unprecedented hardness eliminates the need for a traditional core. With traditional bearings, our Undercover Antirocker wheels will continue to roll smoothly, significantly enhancing overall skating comfort.
Which size of Undercover Antirocker — 45, 47, or 49 mm?

The size of grinding wheels is a very personal matter, depending on the way of skating and the places where we skate daily. 45 mm is the most common diameter for anti-rocker type wheels, making the middle wheels almost completely submerged in the frame. This gives the most freedom during grinds, and the wheel itself hardly touches the ground in any situation.
However, if you spend a lot of time at skateparks or on popular pump tracks and occasionally catch the middle of the frame on the top of a rise, slightly larger 47 mm wheels might solve this problem. Undercover Antirocker 47 mm also means less wear on the frames themselves. During grinds, all the friction will move from the middle of the frame to the slightly more protruding inner wheels.

Undercover Antirocker wheels with a diameter of 49 mm represent a rather innovative approach to the concept of inner wheels. With such a size, our grind wheels will protrude from the frames similarly to a flat setup. The advantage of this solution is the ability to move more freely on aggressive inline skates, for example, through the city, where surface irregularities will not be as bothersome. Additionally, if you use outer wheels with small diameters of 54 mm — 57 mm, having middle wheels of a similar size but high hardness can be the first step towards transitioning to a proper flat setup.


Undercover is another brand from theConference family. The wheel manufacture was based on completely different technologies: super thick core,a fast and durable urethane are the main features of new wheel series from Undercover.