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It is the very first and only Custom Graphics Display UFS Frame

The frame are made from a very fast yet durable material that is perfect for grinding all kinds of obstacles. The entire area where graphics and graphics shields are inserted is recessed away from the grinding area. This results in less surface area thus cutting down the friction while grinding.

The less friction the faster you slide. The center groove is perfectly sized and shaped to ensure fast and controlled grinds and the bottom of the frame has been angled to improve cess slides as well. Those of you who skate small size frames will also notice that the groove is just as large for the small size frame as the large size frame. This ensures the same large grinding space in both size frames. 

Size table

SizeSize SSize L
Shell Size38-4243-47

Create Originals

It is the very first and only UFS frame where you can customize the graphic through a display on the frame. This versatile, patent pending system allows you to design, insert and display graphic images, while protecting them with a shatterproof, slide-in, clear protective shield. You can even insert your own designs, making the customisation possibilities endless.