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Oysi - Flat Jacks Setup (72/59/59/72)

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Oysius - Frame 281mm - Blue

Several years have passed since launch of the innovative Oysi frames. The products of this brand have become very popular, especially considering that skating flat setup has gained a lot of supporters. The model in question can significantly lower difficulty curve for 8-wheel skating, making it more enjoyable.

Long frames means more grinding surface, good stability on landings and above all, the visual aspect - there is nothing less pleasant to look at, than a skate in a large size with a frame which is too short, wheels completely hidden under the boot.

Basically, apart from the length, the greatest feature of OYSI frames is how the wheels are positioned. The frame does not have "frame spacers" that we put in a specific way to achieve rockering. Instead, the middle wheels are simply placed a little lower than the outer ones. It provides a lot of possibilities to choose the size of the wheel, according to one’s particular needs.

All options are described in detail on the manufacturer's website.

The box includes, apart from frames themselves, a complete set of really good quality hardware - including dedicated UFS bolts (M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Flange) and spacers. Many frames come with axles and bolts made out of pretty soft metal alloys, which makes it easy to strip their head or damage the threads when rotating wheels, for example. This is the reason why I usually swap stock axles for better ones (if it is possible, of course) – but there is no need to do this in case of Oysi.

There’s one additional surprise in the box - 16 nylon washers used for “Coping Mode”. Nylon washers can be placed between the male part of the axle and the frame. This will cause the axle head to extend past the outer frame wall. We are essentially getting a truly old-scholl sensation of grinding here – that metal-on-metal feel. Axle heads will get in contact with the coping first, before the outer frame wall touches. This is especially useful when we skate at the facility which does not favour or even allow waxing.

In the end, the Oysi frames strike a balance between the classic flat, anti-rocker and freestyle setups. With the outer 72mm wheels, they can be even used for a light urban skating, with added benefit of ability to perform tricks without worrying about wheelbite. And just like in the “old days” you can actually use them to skate between the spots while skating street, with acceptable level of comfort and speed, which isn’t given even in case of classic flat setups.





The Oysius is an inline skating chassis that utilizes the full space available under your foot to hug your soul, providing an uncompromised grinding area and unmatched rolling enjoyment. See for all specs, wheels set up options, and technical info. 

Onc size fits all. Available in black or white. Axels and UFS frame bolts included.