TNEC Frame Rockered - Purple

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

The TNEC frame was designed to be PLAYFUL. The 58mm flat setup will keep things nimble on the ground, while the V shaped groove makes for worry free fun on rails and ledges, even the "TNEC" font bolts are adding to the vibe.

The first fun of frames ended up with some warping due to an incorrect cooling process. This left some of the frames warped and with about a 1mm rocker

if you like a swively set up or riding anti rocker these are the boys for you.


  • V shaped groove keeps you locked on rails and protect from wheelbite
  • Custom "TNEC" 8mm axels
  • Low ride height
  • Thick frames walls
  • Fast sliding, low-friction glass filled nylon material
  • 60mm max wheel size (58mm recommended)
  • 100% designed by skaters
  • 1mm rocker


Size table

SizeSize SSize L
Shell Size38-4243-47