Wizard Progressive Rocker Advanced 332mm - Silver

  • Nils Jansons

What can be said about Wizard frames? It is like trying to describe something extraordinary. Leon Basin, their creator and Canadian skateshop owner, has created frames which sparked a whole new skating style. The possibilities which they’ve opened up, coupled with Leon’s creativeness and superb (and sometimes hard to wrap one’s head around) style of Mushroom Blading duo have attracted quite a following worldwide. The emergent way of skating blends together elements of freeskating, aggressive, freestyle slalom, freestyle skiing and even BMX flatland.

Years have passed since first generation of Wizard frames came out and Leon has been tweaking his product ever since, also introducing new variants. Many imitators surfaced and even though they usually offer frames of great quality, too, they hardly innovate, simply copying Canadian brand ideas. It is obvious that Wizards are always one step ahead. Leon is constantly tinkering with new things and evolving both his products and style.

When it comes to frames themselves, they are CNC milled from solid aluminium blocks. These are expensive, there’s no hiding it, but virtually indestructible and will serve you for over a decade easily. Consider them a long period investment.

The Wizard frames come with two different rockering schemes depending on number of wheels.

Frames packing five, smaller wheels have “progressive rocker” – the pressure is put always on just two wheels, so in fact, you have four positions to balance on: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5. In addition, the spacing between contact points of wheels and ground is smaller, than in frames with four bigger diameter wheels. This makes progressive rocker models more agile. Furthermore, lower height means better balance and control. The exact specs of the rockering are not revealed – it is a top secret special recipe! Five wheel frames are better suited for artistic moves on flat surface than four wheel ones, but aren’t as versatile when it comes to different skating styles.

The frames in the Advanced version have been designed with a combination of large outer wheels and small inner wheels in a Progressive Rocker configuration. The large outer wheels extend beyond and above the boot's base to provide an extended range of balance, while the three smaller wheels under the foot help maintain a low center of gravity (more control) and a shorter effective contact (greater maneuverability).

The AD10076 frames are perfect tool if you want to develop your skills towards more complex, artistic moves on flatland. They simply make tricks easier to pull off, compared to bigger wheels brethren. This is because, as a five wheel frames, they have more fluid curve to their rockering, smaller gap between axles and low centre of gravity. They may not be as versatile as four wheeled Wizards (especially fan favourite NR100), but in their own category, these are unbeatable.

Manufacturer recommends different PR model for different boot size ranges:

  • Size (EU36-40) – Rocker Advanced 332mm
  • Size (EU40-44) – Rocker Advanced 344mm
  • Size (EU44-47) – Rocker Advanced 356mm