ALK13 Helium - Grey

  • Nils Jansons

The  Helium helmet by ALK13 is cutting the edge of technology. It is made with a revolutionary technology called in mould: The space between the shell and the interior polystyrene limits the thickness of the helmet. Profiled design but above all it considerably restraints the weight, just 280 grs. It comes inside an individual carton box, with 2 thermoformed foams in different sizes S/M or L/XL.


Size table

Obwód51 - 53 cm54 - 56 cm 57 - 59 cm

Alk 13

  • Nils Jansons

ALK13 has been created by Vincent Isaac, alias Vins. Professionnal precursor of inline skates. His long experience helped him to devellop protective gear and helmets for extreme sports.

All the products ALK13 are elaborated in one quality piece, and of respect for the requirements of the riders of quite sports and horizons.

Lightness, comfort, versatility are maitres words of this French mark. Allying aesthetics and technicality, ALK13 proposes a very wide range of physical protections: helmets, knees,  elbows, wrists,  hips

ALK13 is a French brand.