Foryos CJ Liner - White

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The Foryos liners are a dedicated solution for the aggressive model of Seba Skates - CJ 2 Prime. They are precise liners with a low volume, inspired by the popular Intuition liners. Excellently conforming to the shape of the foot, they can be a good alternative for fans of more responsive liners or skaters wanting to try downsizing.

Features of the Foryos liner
  • Flexible tongue – snugly wraps around the shin,
  • Independent lacing – allows for lacing up to the very top, enabling individual adjustment of the fit,
  • Shock Absorber – provides additional cushioning, attached with strong velcro, can be removed according to personal preferences.
  • Contoured insole with arch support – helps in maintaining the natural shape of the foot, which is especially important during activities like inline skating
  • Contoured, ergonomic interior – adapts to the shape of the user's ankles. As a result, they provide excellent support, minimizing the risk of sprains or other ankle injuries that may occur during intense skating.
  • Excellent ventilation – Ventilation holes on the sides and at the front of the liner help in expelling excess heat and moisture from the inside, contributing to the reduction of sweaty feet.

The Foryos inline skate liners are an excellent solution for those who want to test the benefits of thinner and more responsive liners without immediately investing in the more expensive Intuition brand products.

Offering an attractive price while maintaining high quality and functionality, the Foryos liners are an great choice for people looking for comfortable, well-fitted liners that will improve their inline skating experience. Both beginners and advanced skaters can discover how much of a difference the right liner can make, making them an attractive option for anyone who wants to enhance the comfort and performance of their equipment.


Size table

Size EUEU-36EU-37EU-38EU-39EU-40EU-41EU-42EU-43EU-44EU-45EU-46EU-47
Mondo point25,52626,52727,528