Powerslide MyFit Crown Chris Farmer

Myfit Crown liner is one of a kind product among the wide offer of Myfit brand. Designed especially for urban and aggressive inline skates, based on hard-shell boots. Thickly padded, yet very elastic liners, which completely fill the shell and provide unmatched energy transfer.

Crown liners are made of mix of different density foams. The main distinctive feature is using microfibre lining instead of mesh or a nylon. In practice, it means far higher resistance, durability and improved ventilation at the same time. So called ‘Recall Fit’ can help with adjusting the fit as the ‘memory’ foam will adapt to shape of our foot every time. Optionally we can use the heat moulding to get them even more accurate. After such treatment not only our ankles will be supported optimally, but the outer layer of the liner will accommodate in the shell, offering above average comfort.

Myfit Crown Pro Chris Farmer liner comes with dual sizes. The front and the bottom part of the liner around the toe box area is made of stretching neoprene. Thanks to it, the length of the liner will accustom to each foot, without causing any pressure points.

The Crown liner comes with a bunch of extra features, which ultimately allow for individual customization according to particular needs. Myfit Crown is the only MyFit liner with separate, detachable shock-absorber. We recommend using it, if the skates have totally flat bottom — otherwise the heel lift can be too big. The outer layer of the liner is covered with silicon applications which prevents its movement inside the shell. The exclusive memory foam material used for the top layer of the innersoles keeps its shape and performance again and again giving the soft and cushioning "Recall feeling". Complementary, the kevlar reinforcements of the heel area, will make the problem of tearing the material around hinge screw completely obsolete.

Lacing system can be tightened from the very bottom to the top. Such solution allows for more control over the liner flex. The flex can be additionally adjusted by the plastic sheet inserts in the tongue and the detachable collar. If we need more forward flex, the plastic sheets can be taken out completely. Yet if it is not enough the whole cuff collar can be also removed. It is pretty useful with the skates of more compact shells. Once the collar is removed, we still can lace the liner quite high thanks to extra added loop hole. The height of the liner is 20 CM, with the total weight around 270 g.

MyFit Crown Chris Farmer liner is definitely the premium class product, giving immense customization options. No wonder it is being used by the top world skaters like Chris Farmer himself. These liners can be obviously found in his newest signature USD Sway skates yet due to huge demand it is also available separately as a stand-alone product. We highly recommend it to fans of thicker padded liners or simply to all skaters who like to experiment with their gear.


Size table

Liner Size EUEU 38-39EU 40-41EU 42-43EU 44-45EU 46-47



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