Powerslide MyFit Crown Chris Farmer III

  • Nils Jansons

The Myfit Crown liners are a unique product in the wide range of offerings from Myfit, designed primarily for urban and aggressive inline skates with hard, plastic shells. These liners feature a thick yet flexible padding that completely fills the spacious shells, ensuring maximum energy transfer.

Chris Farmer's favourite liner is an integral part of his pro model of USD Sway skates, in matching colour and a spotted pattern around the cuff. To meet the growing demand for larger volume liners, the Myfit Crown Farmer II is available as a standalone product.

Myfit Crown Pro Chris Farmer II — packed with features!

The liner is made from a blend of several foams of varying densities. A key difference from its predecessors is the use of microfibre lining instead of the commonly found nylon, making the liners more resistant to wear.
'Recall Fit' system — the liner's interior is made of a flexible foam that adjusts to the shape of your foot. Fully heat moudable. After such treatment, the interior of the MyFit Crown liner provides optimal ankle support, and its outer layer conforms to the skate shell, offering exceptional comfort.

Optimal ventilation — the microfibre lining allows feet to breathe freely, enabling many hours of skating without discomfort. The absence of commonly found nylon also makes the liners more durable.

The external area around the heel is covered with silicone applications to prevent the liner from moving inside the shell.
Kevlar's reinforcements in the external heel area — the problem of material wearing out around the upper screws is thus permanently eliminated.

Myfit Crown Pro Chris Farmer II allows for individual customization to your needs

Shock-absorber — attachable with Velcro can be removed as desired. Recommended for use when the bottom of the skate shell is completely flat.

  • The lacing system allows for lacing the liner from the bottom to the very top. This allows for full control over the liner's flexibility.
  • Plastic stiffeners in the tongue and in the optional collar  can be removed according to preference to significantly increase the range of forward flex. The collar can be completely removed if needed, useful for skates with less volume. However, even without the collar, the liner has its own lace eyelets, so if you like to lace liners up to the very top, it will still be possible with or without the collar.
  • MyFit Crown liners are definitely a top-tier product that offers excellent customization options. It's no wonder they are chosen by leading athletes like the exceptional Chris Farmer. They are especially recommended for those who prefer thicker liners, or for skaters who like to experiment with different settings.


Size table

EU 35 / 3637 / 3839 / 4041 / 4243 / 4445 / 46
UK1 / 23 / 45 / 6 6,5 / 78 / 9 10 / 11
US2 / 34 / 56 / 77,5 / 89 / 1011 / 12
CM225 / 230237 / 24425 / 25,726,4 / 27,127,8 / 28,529,1 / 29,8



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