Deshi - CH1 - Vinny Minton 08

  • Dead Wheel Pakiet

Deshi is another company from The Conference family. Thanks to their remarkable Team, Deshi soft-boot skates are getting more and more popular. Colin Kelso, Chris Chesire, Vinny Minton or Benny Harmanus has significantly contributed to arousing interest of this brand.

Well known for his flawless and technical skills, Vinny Minton after fall of Salomon, reinforced Deshi team and as a result got his fourth Pro skate. Soft construction of Deshi CH1 skate matches all Vinny`s expectations, while his love for fresh colored gear brought this outstanding red design, which will make your skate different than anyone else.

Deshi CH1 (carbon hybrid #1) Grey are made of durable carbon fiber, equipped with new 'one-piece low profile' soulplate and reinforced 'skeleton' in the cuff area which excludes the 'worn out and soften' effect – the problem known from previous Deshi skates. This is already the fourth Deshi skate based on CH1 construction - proven design from TheConference.

New buckle and strong heel strap allows to keep your foot in the right place all the time, gives maximum control and well known Deshi comfort.

Kizer Type M frames are considered as the strongest and most durable frames on the market of this kind. Replaceable H-Block and high quality Undercover Team 57mm/90a wheels.