Powerslide Zoom 80 - Baby Blue

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When it comes to Zoom skates (not Trinity-equipped Zoom Pro), it shows that thus far, Powerslide had little idea what exactly to do with them. The idea behind these skates is pretty good – deliver a decent hardboot skate, coming with comfortable liner and high quality shell, but simplify it enough to offer an entry-level price which makes it an alternative to fitness models. This should went well, right? Truth to be told, the marketing was not reflecting these strengths and skates were always a bit too “vanilla” – it is simply a black boot with black frame and white wheels. There was nothing to distinguish Zoom from other entry level models. This has changed with arrival of new Zoom 80 Baby Blue.

No one is going to be fooled – these are clearly a Powerslide’s answer to wave of retro stylised skates like Roces 1992 or Impala ones. However, Zoom are more technologically advanced, while still being price-competitive.

Baby Blue version is targeted mostly towards women. It comes in three sizes, which are dual fit: EU37-38, EU39-40, EU41-42. What this means? The liner does have a stretchable front to provide as close fit as possible. Thing is, in almost all hardboot skates, one shell size fits two full liner sizes, so instead of pretending that skates have individual sizing, Powerslide made things simpler. When the shell for sizes EU37 and EU38 is the same, it makes more sense to make a liner which will adjust to the foot no matter if you wear a size EU37, EU37.5 or EU38, right? Of course, the skate does have unisex fit, thing is – it doesn’t come in sizes bigger than EU42. But if you fit within this limit, you can grab them no matter what is your gender identity.

The shell, apart from coming in really nice colour, is definitely a strong point of the skate. Comparatively to other skates with similar price-point, it is more rigid and supportive. All thanks to GFRP material – glass fibre reinforced plastic. This is a great option for beginners who need a decent amount of ankle support – there’s no way these will bend to the sides in cuff area! Plastic buckle on top is simple but efficient. Seeing that we are dealing with 90’s throwback style skate, there is no 45 degree strap or buckle. Fortunately, Zoom sheel comes with classic, high, hockey-style lacing – coupled with decent pair of laces, you can tighten the boot well enough to secure the foot firmly inside and prevent unwanted heel lift. The stock liner is a basic one, but similarly to higher end models, its foams are anatomically shaped, providing good level of comfort. It is really well made and there’s nothing to complain about in terms of quality.

Caution: due to a different liner than those used in other Zoom skates, this version fits about 1 size smaller.

The frame is stamped (embossed) and made out of thick 6063 aluminium alloy sheet. Even though the process of making these is simple, frames are rigid and strong. You cannot detach them, as they are riveted to the boot. It is pretty old-school solution, currently used almost exclusively in hockey inline skates, but it does come with certain benefits. First of all, the frame and boot connection is really strong and in practice, doesn’t allow for any unwanted bending around the contact points. This results in precise transfer of foot movements and energy put into the push. Secondly, this solution allows the designers to lower the centre of balance by placing foot closer to the wheels. This makes skates easier to control.

The frame measures 243 mm, shortest possible length for four 80 mm diameter wheels setup. It is a versatile, reasonably fast and very agile setup, which works well in many different skating styles. Wheels are of 85A hardness and are made out of high rebound urethane. Riding on them feels smooth and comfortable. They roll thanks to ABEC 7 Wicked brand bearings.

Zoom 80 Baby Blue are great option to start your journey with skating, but they will also allow you to try different styles, like freeskating or even freestyle slalom. They are of strong built and will withstand a lot of abuse. If all you use the for is recreational skating, these will last you many years to come!

Size table

Size [EU]36/3738/3940/4142/4344/4546/4748/49
Size [US]3-45-67-7.58-910-1112-1314-15
Size [UK]2-34-56-6.57-89-1011-1213-14
Size [mm]231-238244-251258-264271-278284-291298-304311-318



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