Roces M12 Dogma Spassov - Domestik Punk 2.0

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M12 Dogma Domestic Punk 2.0 skates are part of Roces summer line for 2022. The third signature model of Bobi Spassov is another milestone of the Italian skate manufacturer and a turning point for all classic M12 skate enthusiasts. The Dogma skate is a mix of the beast features of current Roces skate models. Proven and responsive M12 shell together with large, two piece soul plates known from 5th Elements. The crucial change in the visual aspect is of course using a stylish skin, covering the whole boot, referring to classic Valo skates (2003-2018).

Despite the updated look, we still can find a slim and compact M12 shell under the skin. Characteristics of the M12 boot makes it very good choice for skaters with narrow feet. Ergonomic shape with raised heel, aluminium Memory Buckle that 'remembers' our individual adjustments. Known and proven Roces solutions.

By reason of using the skin cover, the compact M12 skates clearly take on distinctive character and perfectly matches with two piece soul kit from Roces 5th Elements. As a result we are given a stylish looking skates, resembling the everyday sneakers. If we need more tight fit, extra pair of laces can used to tighten up the shell independently (under the skin).

Made of high quality bio-based high grade polyurethane, the low cuff with minimal v-cut for improved forward flex. Combined with thick Roces liner that mixes padding of different hardness and density. Neoprene toe finishing and additional tongue reinforcement for keeping the heel in the right position. Simple yet effective.

M12 Dogma Domestic Punk 2.0 are offered with symmetrical Roces Street frames and comes stock with anti rocker setup. Compatible with UFS mounting standard and made of glass fibre reinforced with polyamide. Roces Street frames are great stock frames that easily can compete with any after market product of other brands. Completely hidden hardware, concave side walls for less friction and uncommon 'bridges' between wheels for extra rigidity. Huge split between 2nd and 3rd wheel will also facilitate the flat setup (four wheels of the same size up to 60 mm in one frame). Comes equipped with hard Roces 60 mm 92 wheels and fast ABEc 5 bearings.

The premiere of Domestic Punk 2.0 skate is long awaited comeback to the company's roots and it is cementing the third Roces skate model for aggressive skating — Dogma, which stands for M12 shell covered with a skin. Roces fans, especially M12 lovers will appreciate the bigger soulplate and fresh visual update. If Roces M12 are your perfect match, now you have the option to try them with new cool features, that can take your skating to next level!

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Roces was established in 1952, and is a world leader in the design and production of inline and ice skates. Roces is devoted to elegantly combining dynamic performance and refined comfort.

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