Seba CJ2 Prime - White - Boot Only

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Seba CJ2 Prime, an aggressive skate made in association with Australian skater CJ Wellsmore. CJ is undoubtedly one of the most talented aggressive skaters on the planet.

Seba CJ 2 Prime, the newest addition to the line-up, are based around earlier CJ 2 skate, but drastically different in some ways. The integrated padding is gone – it was replaced by high quality Prime liner. No one tries to hide the fact that it was inspired by famous Intuition liners. Some may scratch their heads trying to understand the reason behind reworking a boot with integrated padding in to one with liner, yes. However, the practice of modding the CJ skates to accept liners has been popularized by Mushroom Blading crew and became so widespread that it only made sense to offer this as stock option. As the shell was designed with integrated padding in mind and was already pretty slim, using a liner in the skate gives even tighter fit.

While CJ Carbon are made, as name suggests, with carbon fibre shell, CJ 2 and Prime variants both use a composite material equivalent. As a result, skate is a bit heavier than its more high end counterpart, but also a bit more flexible. This makes the skate feeling less rigid out of the box and will appeal to skaters who prefer a bit more ankle freedom as well as skates that bend more on tricks. It’s worth to note that while CJ 2 and CJ 2 Prime are still a nice boot for custom setups with big wheels, they won’t offer the same level of energy transfer efficiency as carbon made ones. If you are after a boot to attach your Wizard frames to – CJ Carbon are still the top choice. On the plus side – composite shell means that skate costs less overall.

The outer skin material have decent level of rigidity and is pretty resistant to damage. There are additional reinforcements, too – a rubber material strip protecting the toe area and replaceable slider on the outer side of the skate. The padding of the liner is comfortable, anatomically shaped and helps to secure the foot in place, providing a snug fit. As these are aggressive skates, their toe box is wide to prevent toes injuries. Underneath the foot resides a comfortable insole and shock-absorber.

You can lace the boot to the very top and this does a great job at keeping your foot in place. To eliminate the heel lift completely, skate comes with a 45 degree Velcro strap. The composite cuff closed with a buckle stabilizes the ankle without limiting front to back movement range. The liner itself can also be laced at the top.

The soulplates are made out of fast sliding material and are the same width for the whole length of the skate – which is important for many users and makes it easier to lock on a grind. Backslide groove is shallow but well shaped and will work perfect until you’ll work in the deeper groove on tricks. The boot is UFS compatible.

CJ 2 Prime come as boot only skates - you need to get frames, wheels and bearings separately.

Size table

Size EUEU-40EU-41EU-42EU-43EU-44EU-45EU-46
CM2525,426,227,1 2828,530


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Seba Company was established in 2005, by French Slalom Hero, Sebastien

SEBA skates has immediately brought Technical Skating innovations to the
marketplace, and simultaneously spent a lot in energy, time, and money to
develop skating and its community.

Nowadays, the Seba  company is already a Big player of the Inline Skating
industry and is pushing even harder to promote many different disciplines and
having Incredible products.