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The 909 skates are the flagship model of Themskates brand - relatively young (started in 2018) but very popular brand operating under the leadership of aggressive skating legend Jon JulioThemskates is the essence of the world's aggressive skating - cultivating a true "skate" lifestyle, gathers the most original and progressive skaters from around the globe, such as Alex Broskow, Danny Beer, Soichiro Kanashima, Gave Drum, Sean Darst or Patrick Ridder just to name a few. Thanks to complete transparency, a lot of emphasis on skilful marketing and the so-called 'street cred' Themskates brand is considered to be the clear market leader.

The 909 model is a natural successor of Them 908 skates - the premiere product of Themskates from 2018, based on Bauer aggressive skates from the 90s. A characteristic feature of the first 908 models was considerable flex - an open shell with a original lacing system gave a lot of freedom, however, the cuffs at that time did not offer sufficient support, moreover, the shell itself was quite narrow which limited the list of potential customers. Themskates reaction was lightning-fast - a collaboration with the most sought-after designer Kyle Sola (the originator of SOLA aluminum frames or the new soulplate in RB Blank), who meticulously studied the entire feedback from the riders and then designed a completely new shell from scratch - the result of which is the Themskates 909 model.

A slim, ergonomic shell with a slightly raised heel. The 909 model will be slightly longer and wider than the original shell of the 908, so if we did not fit into a specific size in the 908, there is a good chance that in the 909 it will be possible. Updated shell material. Harder and stronger to provide extra support and longer life.

The new Them 909 cuffs with the adjustable position option additionally help in adjusting the skates to your own needs (High position - more support, useful for setups with large wheels or Low position - better flex, typically for aggressive skating). The 2022 version of Themskates cuffs also features unique Themskates buckles with a reduced weight and an engraved logo - a cosmetic, but very stylish accessory.

A successive change is also the fourth version (V4) of Them liner. The heel position has been shifted a bit "back" for greater stiffness. Wider tongue with more padding for shell filling and even more comfort. Additional reinforcement in the cuff area and a neoprene, stretchable finish - in combination with the new shape of the shell, our fingers will not be as squeezed as in the 908 models.

Themskates 80 mm wheels of universal 90a hardness can be recommended for any type of surface - good grip on smooth, concrete skateparks and a long life during more rough street skating.

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Them skates is the brand of the "father" of aggressive skates - Jon Julio. Founded in 2018, the brand sets the industry standards in terms of equipment, marketing and meeting the constantly changing needs of aggressive skaters.