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Them 909 Brain Dead + Intuition V.2

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Them 909 Brain Dead

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 The THEM x Braindead aggressive inline skates are a proposal of the THEM brand for the end of the 2021 season. The product is the result of a collaboration between Jon Julio and the street-wear brand Brain Dead. Limited edition - each pair has a unique pattern.

Based on the THEM 909, aggressive skates with composite shell. The standard width of the shell provides a universal fit to each type of foot, which, combined with the adjustable position of the cuff, additionally helps in adjusting the skates to your own needs.

The THEM x Braindead model is also the premiere of the fourth version of the THEM liner - this time without the characteristic collar, but with a neoprene (stretchable) finish around the toes. Another new feature is the wider tongue with much thicker padding.

Soulplate version 2.0 with the so-called "Bridge Hardware" thanks to which we can easily unscrew / replace the soulplate if necessary.

Complete with THEM Street frames designed by Kyle Sola. Frames are made of injection-moulded nylon filled with glass fiber.
Shallow and small groove works great for FLAT and Anti Rocker setups. Screws with an asymmetric "head" - tightening requires only one Alan key. The maximum size of the wheels in the FLAT setting is 58mm. 

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Them skates is the brand of the "father" of aggressive skates - Jon Julio. Founded in 2018, the brand sets the industry standards in terms of equipment, marketing and meeting the constantly changing needs of aggressive skaters.