Usd Sway Chris Farmer III - White

  • Cymatics + Magic Boots

Chris Farmer is an icon in the aggressive inline skating world. His influence on the sport is undeniable, both in terms of technique and fashion. As a professional skater for over two decades, Farmer has played a key role in shaping trends in the skating world. The fact that Chris Farmer never stops skating earns him tremendous respect in the aggressive skating community.

The third edition of USD Sway, signed by Farmer, is equipment improved according to his requirements. His favourite model of USD skates, in its latest version, offers many fundamental improvements, tailored to his specific needs as an exceptional skater.

What's new in the third edition of the USD Sway Chris Farmer Pro model?

The USD Sway Pro Chris Farmer III are hard-shell skates that stylistically hark back to the iconic USD model — Classic Throne. This effect has been successfully achieved. Over the years, the Sway shells have undergone various modifications, and their latest iteration for 2023 is impressively striking. They feature a more streamlined shape.

  • The classic black-and-white colour scheme, with a distinctive pattern on the soulplate and Myfit Crown insert, gives them a unique style that is sure to attract attention.
  • A good choice for skaters with wider feet — The interior of the shell works perfectly with the Myfit Crown liner, which can also be purchased separately. The Myfit Crown Pro liner is a thick, Jug-like insert that provides exceptional energy transfer and offers a dual size range.
  • The shock absorber, attached with Velcro, combined with a solid lacing system that allows lacing from the toes to the upper, provides additional stability.
  • A strong Velcro strap positioned at a 45-degree angle helps keep the ankle in the perfect position, preventing the problem of heel lift.
  • Impressive space for inside tricks — To meet Chris's preferences, especially in terms of inside tricks, the soulplate has been updated, adding more space on the negative side. The groove has also been modified to be slightly shallower and more conducive to a flat setup — another of Chris's passions. The new soulplates also have an improved look, where their front part perfectly complements the line of the shell. Indentations on its bottom facilitate smoother and faster grinding.

USD Sway Chris Farmer III is a complete set of high-quality components

For the first time, Chris Farmer's pro model based on the Sway is offered as a complete set, ready for action right out of the box. Always associated with the brand 50/50, this time he opted for the increasingly popular Kizer Fluid V rail, providing an optimal aggressive riding experience on eight wheels of the same size.

The set includes USD UHR wheels with a smaller diameter of 58 mm, which allow for perfect alignment with the rail's groove, eliminating the risk of hang-ups while performing tricks on walls.

Wicked Abec 9 Chrome bearings provide a smooth and fast ride and good durability.


Size table

US Men7-7,58-910-10,511-12
US Women8-8,59-10


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