Dead Team 56mm/95a - White (x4)

  • Nils Jansons

Dead Wheels was started by Adam Johnson and Alex Broskow nearly a decade ago. Being skater owned and operated since the very beginning it clearly stands out from the vast numbered competition. Although it is difficult to reinvent the idea of a wheel for skating, Dead Wheels has been known for addressing the community needs and providing its customers with the wanted features.

Unique profiles, dedicated spacers or optimal diameter are the most distinctive Dead Wheels characteristics. With the start of 2023 the offer has been expanded again with long awaited 56 mm sized model, designed for flat skating. Well-known semi round profile of proven 58 mm model was shaved down to create a lower-riding wheel that is well out of the way while grinding. This will noticeably improve stability during landings, and also make it easier to balance longer when performing manuals on the front or rear wheel.

Smaller diameter of 56 mm gives the low centre of gravity liked by aggressive skaters and simply translates into more fun grinding experience. Yet the key feature of Dead Wheels collections is their various hardness option. The 56 mm models comes as universal 92a, as well as in slightly harder 95a option. The wheel with a hardness of 92a provides an excellent balance between grip while skating and reduced friction when grinding, while the 95a version will make it easier to perform any slide tricks, but at the cost of a significant loss of grip.

Thanks to the availability of the same wheel model in different hardness choices we can create a proper flat wheel setup of 92-95-95-92 with ease. New 56 mm models are offered in black and white colour schemes.

Dead Wheels are products crated by and for the street skaters. Durable, fast, in line with the current hardware trends and meticulously tested by the Dead pro team: Alex Broskow, David Sizemore, Soichiro Kanashima and Gavin Drumm.


Dead wheels are poured with premium-quality urethane, molded with our proprietary multi-radius profile, over a robust glass-filled nylon core.

We developed our unique multi-radius profile to provide a natural feeling of fluidity while rolling and turning. our riders agree that 58mm is the ideal size for all around street and park skating. Without sacrificing durability and lifespan, 58mm wheels keep you close to the ground and stay out of the way while grinding.

Team riders: David Sizemore, Alex Broskow, Soichiro Kanashima, Gavin Drumm, Marius Gaile.