Undercover - Apex 60mm/88a

Apex wheels are the newest Undercover solution for constantly raising demand for a fast yet grippy wheel. Designed exclusively for contest skating and the smooth surfaces of wooden or concrete skateparks. Undercover Apex is the combination of durable, aluminium core and unique mix of UHR urethane. The aluminium core gives considerably bigger energy transfer, meaning more fluent rolling experience without the need of extra strides. Thick layer of soft 88a urethane will noticeably absorb all the shock from landings, giving you the incredible skating pleasure.

Undercover Apex wheels were created with flat setup in mind (four wheels of the same size in one frame) and are characterized by round profile for improved manoeuvrability. Available in three different sizes of 60 mm, 64 mm and 68 mm can be used with the most frame models on the market.

These wheels were made for speed — so if you feel that your skates are too slow, we highly recommend to give Apex a try! The difference can be felt from the very first push. Furthermore, the wheel with aluminium core can be a great alternative for those who are not convinced by the stiff, metal frames that are getting more and more popular nowadays. Metal frames have a number of advantages, but it is no secret, that they make grinding much more difficult (especially on ledges). When using Apex wheels we can get our performance comparably close to the feeling of using metal frames yet without losing our favourite tricks.

The Apex 60 mm / 88a is a great choice for USD Aeon skates or experienced users of Kizer Fluid V frames.




Undercover is another brand from theConference family. The wheel manufacture was based on completely different technologies: super thick core,a fast and durable urethane are the main features of new wheel series from Undercover.