Wizard X Intuition Base Liner - Silver

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Wizard X Intuition Base Liner – Silver precise liners for inline skates

The Wizard X Intuition Base Liner is a specialized precision skate liner designed for the rapidly growing Wizard skating - a new style of skating drawing on urban, aggressive, freestyle slalom and even freestyle skiing. A low-volume liner, providing adequate ankle support and the durability known from Intuition products.

Developed specifically for Wizard Base skates, but compatible with most other skate shells. Pre-moulded to 12 individual sizes, providing an easier fit for more users.

Features of Wizard X Intuition Base Liner – Silver precise liners for inline skates
  • Dedicated to the Wizard Base inline skates
  • Features low volume foam for a better fit,
  • The tongue have been further reinforced for even better ankle support.
  • Integrated Power Wrap strap for better filling of the shell.
  • High-visibility 3M reflective material for increased safety
  • Silicone applications located on the heel and sole. Thanks to these, the liner ‘locks’ into the plastic shells and there is no heel lift (along with the liner).
  • Excellent ventilation
  • One upper ‘eyelet’ for laces
  • Strong and comfortable carrying handle — allows for easy and comfortable carrying of the skates. Additionally, hanging the liners by the handles in a ventilated place speeds up their drying and improves ventilation.
  • 12 individual sizes (36-47EU) to ensure a perfect fit for optimum comfort, control and energy transfer.
Wizard X Intuition Base precise liners for inline skates – worth knowing!

According to Wizard designer Leon Basin, our skates should be much more fitted than our standard footwear. For the best fit and overall riding experience in Wizard liners, your skates should fit as close to your foot as possible. Eliminating any movement of your foot inside the shoe will result in efficient energy transfer, helping to maximize your control over the larger wheels or longer frames specific to Wizard skating.

Size selection for the beginner

Your toes should be very close to or lightly touching the end of the liner. For comfort, you can move your toes as long as the rest of your foot does not move inside the shell. To minimize potential pressure points or discomfort, or to leave a little more room for insoles or thicker socks, choose a size range closest to your foot measurement in CM or up to 0.5cm longer. For most people, this will result in a liner fitting about half a size smaller than your everyday shoe size.

Size selection for advanced and experienced skaters

Your toes should touch the end of the liner, even with some pressure, as long as they are laid flat (unrolled). To optimize the control and responsiveness of our skates, choose the size closest to your foot size in CM or up to 0.5 cm smaller. For most people, this will result in a liner fit about 1 size smaller than your everyday shoe size.