Razors - SL Jeph Howard - Boot Only

Pro skates from Razors 2013 line, based on proven Razors SuperLight shel (SL), signature model of Jeph Howard - the finest street skater from USA.
The Razors SL Jeph Howard comes with a skin which is Kevlar reinforced in the most exposed areas and gives the skate a clean and shoe style look. It comes with sound absorbing material in between the soul and boot, new buckle receivers that prevent accidental opening. Mathias' Jug liner features a dual density foam to provide superior heel support and perfect comfort. 

Size table

CM24,525,525,82626,5 2727,52828,52930



Coming from sunny California, Razors is a producer of the most wanted skates on the market. Comfort, style, universality and innovative solutions are the main features of Razors skates, which are used everyday by such skaters like Jeph Howard, Scott Quinn, Dre Powell, Korey Waikiki, Yuri Botelho.