Roces 5th Element Nils Jansons Saule - Complete

  • Nils Jansons

The Italian manufacturer Roces is undoubtedly the market leader as far as signature products are considered. Each season, the company constantly releases complete line of pro its skates, highly distinguished from the standard Roces products. After eye-catching Savosin's skate, the innovative Dogma model of Bobi Spassov or finally the highly appraised blue variant of Yuto Goto Elements here comes the final product of Roces 2022 pro series — 5th Element Saule Nils Jansons.

The big success of Nils's previous signature skate proved that the community liked the experimental colour schemes, so again Roces and Nils came to agreement of tweaking it even more. “Suale” in Latvian means “sun” and it is a perfect name for the skates of one of the most positive and cheerful skaters on our globe who has been consistently progressing not only his blading skills, but for many is an unsurpassed role model in promoting rollerblading in general. The light, cream colour of the shell perfectly matches the brown soul kit, contrasting with the orange wheels.

Roces 5th Element Saule Nils Jansons is the ultimate skate for grinding. Very low shell of unprecedented flexibility thanks to the fusion of plastics of different hardness. In combination with a huge soul plate, they offer an incomparably more pleasant experience when performing all kinds of ledge or rail tricks. The 5th Element shell can be a fix for skaters of larger or unusual wide feet. When compared to its “younger brother”, the Roces M12 model, the so-called toe box does not get so narrow which translates to more freedom inside the shell. In addition, the Roces Comfort liner with a neoprene finish around the toes will make adjusting even easier.

Standard lacing system is still the simplest yet the most effective way to tighten up your skates. Yet thanks to special cuts in the middle of the soft top of lacing area, the skate provides great range of forward flex. Particularly noteworthy, however, is the Memory buckle with the option of “saving” its position — once set, it will always remain the same length, eliminating the need for constant adjustment.

Complete with Roces frames — universal aggressive frames, which, despite the “stock” tag, stand out from the competition. The convex shape of the side walls for faster grinds, additional bridges between the wheels for increased stiffness or the versatile groove that allows both flat and anti-rocker setups. Perfectly secured hardware that you can safely rely on and a symmetrical design to prolong frame's life. Roces frames are basically a premium product and everything indicates that in the future we can expect a version sold separately as a full-fledged piece, which is certainly an additional recommendation.

Roces 5th Element Saule Nils Jansons skates are now available in four shell sizes:

  • Size 1 — marked by the manufacturer as EU 39-40, in reality it is 250-255 mm
  • Size 2 — marked by the manufacturer as EU 41-42, in reality it is 260-270 mm
  • Size 3 — marked by the manufacturer as EU 43-44, its real length is 280-285 mm
  • Size 4 — marked by the manufacturer as EU 45-46, its real length is 290-295 mm

We highly suggest choosing at least a size smaller than our shoes for optimal fit.

Size table

EU SizeEU-39EU-40EU-41EU-42EU-43EU-44EU-45EU-46
Mondo Point25,52627,027,528,5293030,5


Roces was established in 1952, and is a world leader in the design and production of inline and ice skates. Roces is devoted to elegantly combining dynamic performance and refined comfort.

Roces has many years of experience, which no other brand can match. Based on this solid foundation, each model is carefully developed for specific and understandable skater needs. Using the best materials and components, Roces ensures safety, dependability, comfort and performance.