Usd Aeon 60 Mery Munoz II - Yellow/Black

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Usd Aeon 60 Mery Munoz II aggressive inline skates
The second iteration of the Usd Aeon 60 Mery Munoz aggressive inline skates, a signature series from the Spain's Universal Skate Design representative, features the proven Unibody design. This design smartly fuses the shell and frame into one piece, resulting in a skate that is not only lighter but also has a significantly lower centre of gravity. This enhances control over the executed tricks. For the first time, Aeon skate models in a flashy yellow colour with black accents. They are sure to stand out on the street or at the skatepark!

Features of Usd Aeon 60 Mery Munoz II inline skates
Myfit 2nd Skin liners -  Created with the idea of a dedicated liner for narrower skate shells like USD Aeons, where every few millimetres of space can be a decisive factor in terms of comfort, the Myfit 2nd Skin liner is made of slimmer fabrics, giving your feet the much-needed freedom. Despite being noticeably less volumed and thinner, the Myfit 2nd Skin has still 3D anatomically shaped padding made out of a combination of various layers of high-end foam. The toe box features a stretchable SBR material that covers two sizes.

The latest USD Aeon cuffs are designed with longer 'arms', enhancing stability. They also feature an adjustable vertical position, allowing users to tailor the cuff's flexibility to their specific requirements.

  • USD Team 60mm 88A wheels - beginner-friendly Flat setup. Hardness 88a for better grip and more noticeable cushioning. Made from high quality, durable UHR urethane, these wheels guarantee a smooth and fast ride, combined with durable Wicked Abec 9 bearings.
  • The 45-degree buckle has been replaced by a strong Velcro strap. This reduces weight and increases the flexibility of the shell.

Usd Aeon 60 Mery Munoz II inline skates - worth knowing!

The shell comes in five sizes with Myfit Prime liners featuring a stretch toe area and full heat moulding compatibility, precisely matching each size.

• EU 36-38
• EU 39-40
• EU 41-42
• EU 43-44
• EU 45-46

The weight of the skates in size EU 41-42 is 1540 g, and the Myfit 2nd Skin liner's total height is 20 cm.

The USD Aeon Mery Munoz II is distinguished by its partially skinned shell, which is a key element of its construction.

The lacing area has been reinforced with a strong and thick skin, giving the wearer more flexibility in the shell.

The USD Aeon Mery Munoz II aggressive inline skates are the right choice for those looking for high-quality equipment that combines innovation and functionality in one.

Size table

EU 35 / 3637 / 3839 / 4041 / 4243 / 4445 / 46
UK1 / 23 / 45 / 6 6,5 / 78 / 9 10 / 11
US2 / 34 / 56 / 77,5 / 89 / 1011 / 12
CM225 / 230237 / 24425 / 25,726,4 / 27,127,8 / 28,529,1 / 29,8


Universal Skate Design established in 1998, have been the leading aggressive skate manufacture since day one. Being the very first strictly aggressive oriented brand, USD have been providing wide range of products that revolutionize the market. The latest flagship product of USD - AEON skates is the answer for the constantly changing needs of
aggressive skaters.